"Thank you for your amazing light Heather, we are so happy to have you in our lives"

Just Breathe Retreats, Oahu Hawaii

"Heather's adventures are so well documented. When reading every one of them, one feels uplifted and inspired. Where I live in South Africa, there is much tension and uncertainty, which brings about a constant feeling of dejection. However, the happy tales of this hike, and the constant positivity towards overcoming hurdles, makes one realize that life can be really good, as long as our attitude foresees the bliss that can be experienced." ~ Denia Wright, Cape Town

"I have known Heather Howells for almost 20 years and have worked with her closely as we cared for women in labor.  I have seen first hand how Heather combines competence and compassion to the great benefit of her patients.  I have always been impressed with Heather's drive and tenacity as she set, and then achieved, her personal goals.  
Now Heather has turned her talents toward helping others accomplish their objectives in the realm of personal health.  I recently completed Heather's 8 week Kickstarter Program in order to improve my eating and exercise habits with great success.  Heather's plan is nutritionally sound and easy to follow.  Heather is encouraging and accessible.  Not only does she include week by week instructions to improve one's physical health, she addresses emotional and spiritual well-being.  For anyone who is trying to make positive life-style changes, I would highly recommend letting Heather Howells help you on your journey! "

Catherine Kurosu, MD, LAc

"You were phenomenal"

Christi Wetzel, Boys Scouts of America Oahu, Hawaii

"Thank you for your incredibly inspiring presentation. I so appreciate you taking the time and sharing with everyone your journey. You are incredibly knowledgeable and practiced and honest. Overall, a fantastic presentation!"

Hawkins Biggins, Hawaii Mountain and Trail Club​​

"​​I have learned a lot about myself, my struggles, and my strength.  I have made small lasting habits of incorporating healthier choices for me and my family.  It has taken me several years to get to where I'm at and I believe it will take time to get back to having healthier habits and desires.  
I can't thank you enough for your coaching and support, you shared your knowledge, experience and inspiration whenever I needed it! "
I'll keep striving for my goals! " ~ Lisa M.

"I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful program. Everyone enjoyed it and I hope to have you back again to talk about your next adventure."

Jennifer Owens, Young Adult Librarian

Kapolei Public Library

"I am so thankful to have found Heather.  I have been dieting since I was 12 years old.  I can honestly say that I've tried pretty much every diet there is and have found this to be the one area of my life that I am unsuccessful in.  I can lose a little weight but the programs I've tried are not lifestyle changes and as soon as I go off of them I go right back to my old habits.  I was feeling stuck with so many diets in my head....."don't eat fruit, do eat fruit.... low fat, high fat...... paleo, Atkins... calorie counting, etc..." that I didn't know what I was supposed to eat anymore.  I would go to the grocery store and not know what to buy.  I would never eat bananas because they had a lot of carbs, but I would have a glass of wine or some candy!  Finding Heather was the best thing that ever happened for me.  I just completed her 8 week program and have lost 13 pounds!  I even celebrated my 40th birthday in the middle of the program, traveled for work, ate out quite a bit..... and had a banana on most days! Heather's program has literally changed my life and I'm excited to see even more results in the coming months."

Shauna Smith,   Hawaii

​"​​​​​I met Heather while I was working as a nurse in Hawaii. I was always inspired by her great accomplishments and her ability to challenge herself,  physically ,and mentally through her extreme races. Prior to starting Heather's program I was suffering from migraine headaches, I had no energy at times  and  my sugars were becoming unstable. I'm a type 2 diabetic struggling to get off my medication. I started the program exactly 1 month ago yesterday. although the first week was very difficult for me, I continued to follow the routine with Heather's support. In the first week I lost 8 pounds. I've never done this ever, and I've been on plenty of fad diets to know. the second week I lost 2 more pounds  and I am down 2 dress sizes. the most impressive part of this program I have been able to cut my diabetic medication by half, and completely eliminate my morning dose. I have soo much energy I can hardly sit still at times. My running times have improved as well as my endurance. I can go out to eat with friends and not crave the junk that I use to! I am a true believer that you are what you eat! And if you feed your body what it needs it will reward you! I no longer have migraines nor  do I crave a diet coke like I used to. I truly believe my body was toxic but now is on its way to recovery. Thank you Heather for your knowledge and support. I am forever changed! "~ Ana M.

Heather Howells

Author, Professional Speaker,
​Health and Wellness Coach

​"Down 16 pounds since I started with you. Yay!"~ K.H.

"Heather has truly inspired me in many ways. I've gone from no exercise to running half marathons and recently going on an extended hike. Learning to do things outside of my comfort zone has helped me realize that I can actually do it. Her story continues to motivate me to push myself just a little more." ~ J.K.  Hawaii

​"​The two biggest gains I achieved from the 8 week course was learning to have a voice and becoming empowered to make decisions out loud regarding my eating habits and igniting the possibilities of dreaming new fitness goals. Heather's 8 week course is more than a nutrition course, it will transform your life from the inside out. If you haven't read Heather's book, "Dream it. see it. be it.", do so now! It is a real inspiration to do more each and every day."

Barbara Rodgers, Seattle WA